OUR MISSION is to connect people with others that will help empower them and inspire positive change. 

OUR VISION is to see all modalities represented across every community in BC. 

We VALUE being NICE:
    Nurturing – all things in love
    Inclusive – accepting of all beliefs
    Compassionate – we each have our own story
    Empowering – teach people the tools to live their best life

We spoke of it often, this idea of collaborating for a greater good. Combining our passions into one amazing duo that could change the world, or at least one personal world at a time. We spoke of our lives and how we wanted to impact people; of our children and what kind of world we want them to grow up in. We spoke of love and what that world encompasses for each individual, how the systemic blinding of our society has moved us away from the true purpose of living life within our own definition of what health and happiness means.

As an Intuitive Sentient Healer and a Clinical Hypnotherapist by trade, we both have passionate views on how alternative, holistic and spiritual wellness can impact a life in a positive way. We’ve both worked as administrators within Vancouver hospitals and can appreciate the broad scope of what western and eastern medicine can provide when utilized properly. What we have found is that there is this hole in our industries that needed to be filled up, a way of educating ourselves and our ability to heal, a way one may not have otherwise thought possible. A way of connection and community.

With this love of wellness in mind, we feel that providing these connections within our communities is not only a mutually beneficial idea for local companies to help reach new clients, but for the clients looking for these alternative modalities that have no idea where to find them.

Connecting people with people. Sharing personal stories of life and love and who we are. Changing the face of intuitive wellness and what that means to each of us personally. Providing thought provoking ideas that ignite passion and debate!

With a large dose of community love, we hope you join us. Join us by connecting with one another, lifting yourself and others up and expanding your personal life in ways you never knew could happen.

With gratitude,

Aara & Lea

Intuitive Wellness Collective

“There are times in life when we are called to be a bridge, not a great monument spanning a distance and carrying loads of heavy traffic but a simple bridge to help one person from here to there over some difficulty such as pain, fear, grief, loneliness, a bridge which opens the way for ongoing journey.

When I become a bridge for another, I bring upon myself a blessing, for I escape from the small prison of self and exist for a wider world, breaking out to be a larger being who can enter another’s pain and rejoice in another’s triumph. I know of only one greater blessing in this life, and that is to allow someone else to be a bridge for me.”

– Credit to Anna Mackie; taken from the Irish/Scottish Newsletter of November 2003