Meet Fran, My Alter Ego

My ego was developed quite early. Here’s the thing that is infuriating about this beautiful ego that was built to protect; it destroys as well.

From Mental Illness to Teaching Mindfulness – Lea’s Story

"I dove head first into post-partum depression and an anxiety that crippled me so quickly that at one point I was agoraphobic and did not leave my home for 3 weeks. Not even to step onto the patio." This is my story. It must be said, emphatically, that this story, my...

How Hypnosis Impacted my Labour and Delivery

I was in hypnosis, so relaxed and blissed out, enjoying every moment leading up to the birth of my first child. I was completely calm, the polar opposite of what I had been experiencing not long before, when I was having contraction after contraction, sucking so hard on the gas I was getting light-headed.

How Bowen Therapy Works And What It Feels Like

Bowen Therapy can be described as a holistic healing body technique which focuses on the body’s fascia or soft connective tissue. This therapy is often used for treating musculoskeletal and connected neurological issues such as severe sports injuries. How did Bowen...

The Science Behind Energetic Healing

Energy healing is about tapping into your body’s natural frequencies to fight diseases and illnesses and/or to manage emotional distress. This alternative medicine has slowly gained immense popularity among several health practitioners implementing both western and...

What Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Do For You

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, is a natural and holistic healthcare system which originated in 200 BC. This type of healthcare system is helpful in stimulating the natural healing mechanisms of the body and pays attention to every aspect of the...


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