Bowen Therapy can be described as a holistic healing body technique which focuses on the body’s fascia or soft connective tissue. This therapy is often used for treating musculoskeletal and connected neurological issues such as severe sports injuries.

How did Bowen Therapy originate?

The world owes a big ‘thank you’ to a man named Thomas Ambrose Bowen from Australia for introducing Bowen work to the world. It took him several decades to develop the manual therapy and his initial work primarily involved athletes and injured laborers. Bowen’s aim was to offset muscular tension with the use of a unique technique involving stretching and rolling with a pause between every set. And why the pause? Well, the idea was to give some time to the body so that it could effectively respond to the movement.

What makes Bowen Therapy different from the others?

The movement in Bowen Therapy is quite unique and involves very specific points of the body. The soft tissue or fascia is targeted with a rolling motion using the forefingers and the thumb. The movement is designed for stimulating the nerve and tissue pathways so as to make the brain more focused. The soft tissue or fascia targeted in the Bowen Therapy forms a part of your body’s connective tissue. This connective tissue is connected with and has an influence on each tissue and organ of your body.

Bowen Therapy movement is different in the sense that it does not flick or slide over the skin surface. Instead, the flab in the skin is used for moving the tissue beneath. Every move in the Bowen Therapy covers a very limited area and is dependent on the extent to which a person’s skin can naturally move over the target surface.

Bowen Therapy is for everyone!

Bowen Therapy is relaxing and gentle and does not involve any forceful manipulation. It works on every aspect of the body and restores balance through the ANS or autonomic nervous system. The therapy can offer relief for several types of health problems (chronic and acute) as well as injuries.

One of the biggest advantages of Bowen Therapy is that it can be safely used for people of all ages, including newborns and the elderly.