Energy healing is about tapping into your body’s natural frequencies to fight diseases and illnesses and/or to manage emotional distress. This alternative medicine has slowly gained immense popularity among several health practitioners implementing both western and eastern medicine modalities.

A 2013 study proved that a 10-minute energy healing session had the same effects as that of physical therapy and helped improve the range of movement in patients suffering from mobility problems.

Today, we have sufficient empirical research to offer a solid foundation to the concept of bio-energetic phenomena. These phenomena are a key consideration in all healing processes. Studies dating back to the 20th century suggest that the organs of the human body are capable of producing independent identifiable electric fields.

The focus of biological scientists till date has always been on cell functioning. However, these scientists are slowly realizing that hormonal influences and nerve impulses aren’t the only factors guiding cellular responses. The matter that exists within and outside the cells is a part of the entire body’s living matrix. In fact, one can view this as continued communication taking place throughout the human body and it involves not only the molecular and chemical elements but also photonic, vibratory and electronic properties.


The buzz about Crystal Energy Healing

There are numerous energy healers going around and making claims about healing people with just crystals. But what is crystal energy healing and does it actually work?

Crystal healing basically involves the laying of stones that have different rates of vibration on your body. The aim, of course, is to effect change and healing. Healers may also lay out ‘energy grids’ (specific crystal patterns) around your body for the same purpose.

TCM practitioners claim that crystals can cause a change in the working of the chakras and their energy centers. They help in cleaning out negativity so that the chakras can operate at optimal capacity. In other words, crystals encourage the restoration of balance in the body. Crystal energy healing seems to be gaining immense popularity among people across the globe, especially because it is quite a new and unique concept within traditional Chinese medicine.


You can also choose Traditional Healing Practices in TCM

There are several forms of energy healing. All of them usually work on the principle of therapeutic touch. For example, Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy healing in the United States and has its origins in Japan. According to Reiki practitioners, the healing happens when energy (or universal life force) travels from the practitioner into the body of the patient. Similarly, reflexology, another form of energy healing, works to stimulate certain pressure points on your feet, face, ears and hands and affects various glands, organs and other body parts. It is said that every pressure point corresponds to a specific body part.