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As a practicing and Certified Professional Life Coach, Intuitive Medium and Reiki Practitioner, I’m here to help you along your path. If you’ve lost your way, gotten ‘stuck’ or are looking to take that next step in life, you’ve come to the right space.

One of the things I learned when taking my Coaching Course, was to understand how best to dig deep and help you find the answers from within.

This site is about YOU and all of the services I offer are to support you through your changes. We all stumble, in life, we all go through periods of grief, instability and we all deal with issues that we may need a little help with, now and then.

I apply specific Coaching techniques and use Intuition to help you land where you need to. It's about helping you help yourself move to the next phase and making sure you succeed. I want you to:

  • Become clear on your value and goals.

  • Establish a plan of action/commit to that plan/work through the plan with measurable milestones.

  • Overcome challenges and barriers. 

Together, let's co-create a workable set of goals that will make your dreams become a reality and get your life back on track. With a little help, you can re-design your life and start to manifest what you want instead of taking a backseat and allowing life to just 'happen' to you. Remember, it's your life. You're driving the bus. Where will you take it? 


My first meeting with Carrie was very serendipitous, and followed a morning when I was intentionally asking for clear guidance and answers during my meditation. Carrie was very unassuming and open during that first reading, and created a safe space for me to really share what was going on in my life at that time.

I was, and still am, so grateful to have met a 'psychic' who is so clear and on point, and who I can trust. I hadn't said a word about why I was there and then Carrie just nailed it in one straight sentence as I sat down on the stool. My interest was piqued, and intuitively I just knew that 'she knew her stuff'.

Carrie's messages to me were clear, concise and delivered with compassion. Her mediumship was on point and exact, and that is a big thing for me when I go for a reading. I have already recommended Carrie to a dear friend of mine who after getting a reading from her a couple of weeks ago, shares the same sentiment that I do.

Carrie is a lovely lady, she knows her craft, she's smart, articulate and genuine, and I recommend her highly.

Ravinder Bamra

Contact Information
Phone: 604-356-1322
Tricities, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Price Per Hour/Session: $100.00
Delivery of Service:
  • House Office
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