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My name is Tracy, I am a teacher, alchemist, intuitive, healer, family constellation facilitator, and certified counselor. I have been blessed to discover the natural gifts that I bring to the world. These gifts began unfolding in 1995. I assist people to connect with the deeper parts of themselves. This process may stir some uncomfortable and at times even painful experiences. This is because they are stuck in your body and have been preventing this connection prior to this shift. Being okay with this discomfort or pain is an important factor. People who are interested in emotional and spiritual growth to release energy patterns that are creating problems in their lives, are those that are interested in my help. Many of my clients have an awareness that their challenge stems from a deeper underlying issue. The work I do now has evolved from working with people over the past quarter century. One of my gifts is that I see energy that hold blocks in place. Sometimes that energy takes the form of patterns. A block can show up as many different things such as illness, pain, and difficult situations. When I shift the energy that holds a block in place, then then the block falls away and dissipates. In 1998 one my natural gifts began a new opening within me. Since that time I have actively sought out training & mentors in order for this gift to reach it’s full potential. I embrace this gift in order to honor what wants to happen to and to serve you. Recently, I have begun even more expansion. Your job in this unfolding is to allow for the shift to happen and create space for it .


Tracy Davies’s healing pendants have been astounding in terms of the powerful healing properties emitted. When I began wearing mine, I immediately noticed a beautiful warm heat that emanated from the pendant and filled my heart chakra with the vibration of love. While I expected this to be a short term sensation, the pendant has continued to release this vibration and I find that when I wear it, I am much more grounded, peaceful and able to navigate a hectic pace in a relaxed and harmonious state.
Thank you Tracy for your amazing intuitive healing capacities!

Karen McGregor
International Speaker, Bestelling Author, Intuition Expert

I had to have surgery on my wisdom teeth as they were impacted. At the time, the x-ray clearly showed that the nerves were all tangled around the bone. After only a couple sessions with Tracy to address the impacted wisdom teeth, when I had the procedure done, the nerves were no longer tangled around the bone. The Doctors were dumbfounded and could not figure it out. As a result the surgery was reduced significantly.
- Kate

The work Tracy does is fabulous. The benefits are much more than expected. I am always surprised at the sequence of events and how things fall into place and merge together. I have worked with her on multiple issues and positive results each time.
- Rebie

Contact Information
Phone: 604-440-5021
Tricities, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Delivery of Service:
  • Phone / Skype / FaceTime / Video Conference
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