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Releaf was created to bridge the gap between medicinal marijuana use and access. We are not a traditional dispensary. Rather, we work with physicians and patients to broaden the dialogue and understanding needed in the use of marijuana as medicine. As advocates, we strive to support and strengthen the relationship between caregivers and patients.

Releaf offers consultations and product counselling for people needing guidance with their use of medical marijuana, combined with compassionate support and access to safe, clean, high quality, affordable medical marijuana products for those with medical need.

As part of the orientation at Releaf, members learn about the safe and effective use of marijuana, strain selections and a variety of alternative delivery methods/systems available to them, such as vaporization, edibles and tinctures.

Releaf operates in accordance with the principles and intent of Health Canada's most current medical marijuana program.


I grew up during the 60's so I knew all about getting high. As an older adult, I consume my mm for reduction of pain of arthritis and asthma symptoms. The getting high part is optional as I have discovered how to control my intake so I do not get high but I have relief from my pain and asthma symptoms.
I can then have a more productive day. I'm not into the couch potato scene.
What helped me was switching from smoking to using a portable vaporizer.  Smoking it was too hard on my breathing apparatus. I like the vaporizer for being easy on my breathing and also easy to control my intake.
Someone who is concerned about the smell may want to consider a vaporizer as well as the smell is minimal. Nosy neighbors will not have anything to talk about.  ?
Only my closest friends and family know that I use MM. No need to advertise the fact since there is still a stigma around it in parts of society.
I hope this helps someone.

It's difficult to come up with words to describe how tremendously Relief has helped me or how I feel about them but I can share that being a member gives feelings of support and confidence knowing you are in the best hands. It's a real feeling of safety and security.

Contact Information
Phone: 604-534-8993
106 20505 Fraser Hwy, Langley, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Delivery of Service:
  • Office / Store / Clinic / Studio
  • Adults
  • Animals
  • Infants (0-2yrs)
  • Children (3-12yrs)
  • Postpartum
  • Prenatal
  • Seniors
  • Youth (13-18yrs)
  • Women
  • Special Needs
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