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The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy
2011 Educator of the Year
Sherry Hood

Are you looking to join the growing field of Hypnotherapy?

Learn the many aspects of Hypnotherapy in a relaxing atmosphere with lectures, demonstrations, live sessions, and hands on practice in a 160 classroom hour course. These retreats are scheduled once or twice a year and are held in various areas around BC.

Each student will receive over 700 pages of practical notes and hundreds of hypnotic scripts, as well as the opportunity to practice with each other and with volunteer guest clients.

These fascinating classes are carefully designed and instructed by Sherry Hood, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, who shares with you her decades of experience. She gives you extensive training to either provide a career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist or integrate these skills within another profession in the health care industry.

The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy (PIAH) promotes education, scientific research and the practice of Hypnotherapy as a complimentary medicine. The PIAH curriculum is a medical elective within the post-graduate family medicine program at the UofA.

For a complete outline of everything covered in this program, please visit our website.


As a Medical Doctor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I should say the course of Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist
and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy is great. Apart from the fully
detailed curriculum, the way that Sherry teaches is brilliant. Her respectful personality makes her a perfect
teacher and I can say she is the best teacher I have ever had.

I am sure with the mentorship of Sherry, we can make a strong network of Hypnotherapists to bring this
precious scientific therapy to its real position and help our people for a better quality of life.

Reza Hashemi, MD, CCHt
Vancouver, BC

As a graduate of The Pacific Institute of Advance Hypnotherapy I cannot speak highly enough about the
school and its Founder/Head Instructor, Sherry Hood. Not only was the course curriculum extremely
comprehensive with respect to theory but, all three levels of the course (Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist,
Clinical Hypnotherapist) offered extensive practical experience as well. Upon graduation, each student has
already worked with at least 40 clients under Sherry’s supervision. This experience has been invaluable
when it comes to building confidence as a new practitioner.

Sherry’s instruction, knowledge of the field, leadership and integrity are without compare. She is, quite
simply, an exemplary Clinical Hypnotherapist and instructor in the field. Sherry’s passion for Clinical
Hypnotherapy and for training competent Clinical Hypnotherapists ready to enter the field with integrity
and confidence is evident in everything she does. Sherry Hood is, without question, one of the finest
instructors, not to mention one of the finest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am
so proud to call her my mentor, my colleague and a friend.

Kat Derksen, BA, BSW, MH, CCHt

I have my own hypnotherapy practice in Victoria, but felt that my initial certification training left me feeling
like I could be doing more for my clients. This lead me on my quest for more training.

I interviewed numerous Hypnotherapists before deciding on your school. The training which I received
was of the highest caliber, where you used numerous presentation techniques, and held excellent
classroom discussions. Your organizational skills constantly impressed me. The lessons were presented
with supporting videos, recent articles, and numerous handouts. I was amazed at the number of guest
clients who were available to your students. Very impressive.

Hypnotherapy is important to me. I endeavour to provide my clients with the highest level of skills available
- and your school has ensured that I meet my objective. Thank you for your dedication to this field. I am
honored to know you.

Joan Broadhurst M.H., C.CHt.
Soul Talk Hypnotherapy Services
Victoria, B.C.

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